Street Cones exists to work with individuals to realise their own personal, social and leadership skills, to grow in confidence and build self-esteem and resilience through the creative arts. Working with individuals facing multiple disadvantage, we encourage people to be aspirational about themselves. We support them to exceed their own expectations. We ask a lot of the people we have the privilege to work with, we ask a lot of our Street Cones Team of creative arts and lived experience professionals and we ask a lot of our Board.

We are delighted that we have three new Board Members committed to the ideals of Street Cones, approved at our Board meeting on 30 June 2020.  Toni Groundwater, Sarah Erskine and Hannah Wright join our Board at a unique and challenging time.  Street Cones had embarked on a course to widen the offer of our services and to reach those in care, in the justice system or at edge of these systems across Scotland.  Covid19 has had an impact on our original plans, but we have adapted and continued our commitment to reach out across Scotland, and our new Board members bring fresh skills and experience to that commitment.

Meet the Board membersĀ HERE, or get in touch to find out more about our story and how it is evolving across Scotland.