New Street Cones project with ‘G20 Youth Group’ in Maryhill Glasgow. Supported by the Scottish Government and Police Scotland.

Participants will write, direct and produce their own short film supported by Street Cones facilitators, specialist skilled guests and individuals with lived experience. In the film they will be given the opportunity to ‘Say Something’ they feel passionate about. Via Glasgow Life they will also be eligible for CAA (Community Achievement Awards).

Emily Cutts G20 Project Leader said ‘We’ve enjoyed seeing how well the young people have engaged with Street Cones. They are enjoying co-creating a project with a shared vision. It will be a real boost seeing the film at the end of the project.’ 

Inspector Michael Fletcher from Police Scotland’s Partnerships Department said ‘Having the opportunity to work with Street Cones again and support their engagement with the G20 young people is amazing. Whilst there are other initiatives in Glasgow, this project is a unique way of listening to and helping the group express themselves using film.’

Asked about the project Chair of Street Cones Board Tom Jackson said ‘A core belief of Street Cones is that everyone has something to say.  I am pleased to see this partnership is giving a voice to a group of young people who might otherwise feel they aren’t being listened to. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.’