We use the arts to give people who are marginalized a voice to help themselves as well as their wider community.


Our services are underpinned by a deep empirical understanding based on observation and the lived experience of the core and wider team. Also direct contact with a wide range of partners including Community Justice and links to a broad constituency of interest groups. Street Cones is founded on an understanding of unmet needs communicated directly from our partner groups.


A single facilitator workshop that can be used with any group to explore any theme or issue. A very special rehearsal room type environment inside which participants experience creative exploration and insights. We use a range of tools including objects, images and sounds in order to target and explore specific issues that affect that particular group. The method is person centred and both the space and the process use fiction in order to act as a safety net for participants.


A multi facilitator workshop which is usually bespoke and designed from scratch with each client. A combination of creative practitioners and lived experience leaders. Through a range of pre identified activities and exercises we work with the groups around pre identified targets such as developing communication skills, self-esteem and aspirational attainment.


We also produce film content to accompany our programmes as well as stand alone pieces with a particular emphasis on third sector and social enterprise clients. Our films often contain elements of lived experience related to whichever topic or theme being presented/explored.

Image courtesy of Citizens Theatre/Karen Gordon

Research has shown that the ‘Arts’ as a vehicle, can influence and change attitudes while providing positive routes toward better outcomes. Many of the Street Cones team have experienced first-hand the impact the ‘Arts’ can have on our lives. 

Through joint work with Govan Housing Asscoiation Street Cones contributed to an innovative project called ‘Operation Modulus’ where the team worked with young residents. This proved to be hugely succesful and Street Cones is credited with bringing these young people and the police together to discuss and help resolve local and personal issues. 

We partnered with East Renfrewshire’s Youth Intensive Services to complete two long terms projects with young people which culminted in a theatre performance and a short film. 

Other projects include partnering with Aberlour to work with young people to prepare and serve meals to local pensionsers (this was also filmed). In addition to these there have been multiple projects delivered to a varied mix of Youth groups and also Scottish Prisons (adult and youth). 


Through theatre; film making; discussion; thought provoking debate and interaction Street Cones aims to influence and change attitudes and behaviours. The expectation is that each of our services has the capability of providing the following:

  • Increased and improved communication skills
  • Changing individuals’ mind set towards peer pressure and stigma by the wider community, believing they should and can be accepted by the wider society
  • Improvements in through-care, with individuals more confident that they can contribute and are a valuable part of their community and wider communities
  • Improved levels of awareness of the risks of substance misuse, including new psychoactive substances (NPS)
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem 
  • New skills
  • A greater feeling of self-worth
  • Improved access to continuing education and training
  • Improved employment opportunities
  • Reduction in offending by individuals and reduction in criminal activity in the community

Street Cones has consistently committed to evaluate the impact of its work.  The project regularly collects impact data through:

  • Evaluating and recording weekly sessions on various elements of the project such as the health risks through substance misuse, ripple effect on families and the community also early intervention and prevention signs. This is measured by questionnaires, creative writing and role playing within workshops
  • Talking heads video recording with participants and staff their experience and perspectives, documenting perceptions from the inception of any project through to the end, capturing the change process for participants.
  • Final performances presented in a style of theatre called “Forum Theatre” which allows actors to engage with the audience and understand the level of knowledge learned from the performance.
  • Developing “case reviews” from projects with individuals – telling the personal stories for participants and their families
  • Providing a feedback loop for individuals following job or educational/training interviews

Image courtesy of Citizens Theatre/Karen Gordon