Glasgow City Council have commissioned Street Cones to deliver online group workshops to selected individuals on Community Payback Orders. Each online group will accommodate up to 10 participants and will go toward their Unpaid Work Hours (Other Activities).

These workshops were developed by Street Cones in response to the estimated backlog of 700,000 hours across Scotland as a result of the pandemic. Like most local authorities, Glasgow suspended Unpaid Work programmes following the implementation of lockdown in Scotland in March.

Using our ROAD TO CHANGE model they will include a range of creative techniques, creative writing, role play and discussion. The participants will be encouraged to explore what their own ‘Road to Change’ might look like. These workshops are similar to the in person physical workshops that we have had so much success with over the years. A selection of lived experience special guests will be invited to participate. These individuals will also take part in a long form interview that will be live streamed publicly. This is part of our on-going commitment to explore technological opportunities during these difficult times.  

When asked about Glasgow’s decision to book the online workshops Stephen McVey Service Manager Glasgow North East HSCP said ‘The online workshops will provide a rolling programme of online group-work aimed at improving the wellbeing of participants through the creative arts. This programme will be used to provide an additional “other activity” resource with which to address the significant backlog of Unpaid Work hours outstanding for clients within Glasgow’.

The workshops were developed as a follow up from a CPO themed short film ’Something to Lose’ commissioned by Community Justice Glasgow.

Tom Jackson Head of Community Justice Glasgow said ’Street Cones is a unique social enterprise and we really value their diverse delivery team, which brings together creative arts professionals with individuals who have been through the justice system; lived experience and artists working collaboratively with our clients.’

The film can be viewed HERE